About Mama Frog Crafts

Hi there, my name is Kali, a.k.a Mama Frog, and I design felt quiet books, toys and fun activities for toddlers and kids.

It all started with a quiet book for my daughter. Armed with a glue gun, a humongous amount of clipart, and inexaustible enthuaiasm I ventured in the world of quiet books. I loved designing activities for tiny fingers and making up my own stories. I have since ventured into digital design just to be able to draw my own pages.

Most of my designs require very basic skills (like glueing one piece on top on the other). For some I have summoned my very, very rudimentary hand stitching and embroidery abilities. But I am still a fan of the hot glue. First of all, I do not own a sewing machine. Even if I did, the only thing I can do with it is plug it in. Seriously, those things need a “Play” button. Secondly, if you share a tiny apartment with a husband and two toadpoles and  can only work during nap times, any noisy apparatus is not an option. And last, but not least, working with glue is speedy and nap times are short.

Crafting opened yet anothed door. To be able to create my patterns in digital format, I had to explore several graphic design programs. And slowly I started building up a design portfolio, again first for my two kids (I promise, my two little lab rats do get treats for testing my designs) and then for other kids. Crafting is a journey and I cherish each and every friend I meet along the way.

So there you have it, the short version of my adventure in the land of easy crafts for busy mums.