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Space Felt Boards

Did I tell you I am hooked on iron-on transfers on felt? And the result is amazing – bright and attention-grabbing visual teaching resources, that unlike paper ones can be used time and time again.

So, I thought I can show you how I mixed learning and pretend play in a fun felt board.

(If you don’t have a board just yet, check out this post for an easy peasy, I am talking double sided tape easy, tutorial)

Now for the pieces. I did a happy solar system set. And the cool thing is you can use it to teach about planets and all (duh), but also engage younger kids and make the arrange the spacial bodies from big to small and vice-versa.

And did you notice that Pluto is also there? It is a part of my own little rebellion against the unfair treatment it got from the International Astronomy Union back in 2008.

The next board is an advanced dive into space. The map of the northern sky.

It comes with a laminated reference map just as an aid for beginners (or in the case of a three year old toddler as a silhouette matching game).

And of course, no space is complete without the occasional curious astronaut looking for those mysterious aliens while finding his (or hers way) among various obstacles like asteroids, shooting stars, satellites and more.

And I also did a space themed travel felt board just for this occasion (I am working on a tutorial that will be coming soon).

All board sets featured can be found in my Etsy shop. And I will get busy working on a free rocketship quiet page pattern and a personalized astronaut pattern and tutorial. Space themed printables will also be coming your way soon.

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