Tips and How To's

DIY Board for Your Felt Stories

Recently I took a plunge into a whole new thing: designing and making felt board stories. While I still work out the kinks of iron-on transfers on paper, here is a quick guide for making a simple felt board for your flannel board stories.


It really costs next to nothing – a simple picture frame, double sided tape, and black (or any preferred background color) felt.


Your first task is to dismantle your frame. We will need only the frame and the backing board. Go ahead and store away the mount and the glazing.


Lay the backing board onto your piece of felt and use some chalk (or even dry soap) to trace the dimensions.


Lift your backing and cut along the traced lines.


Stick some pieces of double sided tape onto your backing board.


Remove the top part of the tape and slowly and carefully stick the black felt onto the backing board. Pull felt lightly and smooth with your hands to avoid wrinkles.


Felt may stretch a bit during the process. It that happens, trim the excess.


Place backing board onto the frame.


Flip and get ready to play.


There you have it, a letter sized board for your felt stories. And for even more fun, make a larger one.



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