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Cute Penguin Softie, Free Pattern Included

I told you it is igloo month @ MamaFrogCrafts. And who is best equipped to live in an igloo? The penguin of course.

Penguin.jpgYes, I know that igloos are most often associated with Eskimo people who live close to the North Pole, and penguins are found at the South Pole. But sometimes imagination does not adhere to nature’s restrictions. Right?

And so, here is our friend – the cute penguin.

See, really cute.


The penguin itself is just over 6 cm (2.3 inch) tall. It has a soft felt body, filled with even softer silicone fluff. Overall it is easy to make even for absolute beginners – I have used only running and blanket stitches. The hardest part was cutting those tiny feet and tail, and beak.

And she just had to be equipped for the harsh weather conditions – hence the hat and the scarf. I had so much fun making the hat – few straight stitches for snowflakes and some pieces of polar yarn I found at a thrift store and there you have it – nice and warm, best protection against the hales. And you can take it down once securely behind the icy door of your igloo.


Oh, did I mention that the penguin does have an igloo. A tiny quiet book to keep kids warm (and busy) in the long winter months. Some more photos will come shortly.

Meanwhile I will upload the penguin softie pattern in our freebie pattern library (available for subscribers). Please note that the pattern you freely download is for your own personal non-commercial use only. To make these cuties for sale, please purchase the pattern from my Etsy shop.


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