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DIY Quiet Book Basics – Assemble Pages


I am launching this new series that will teach you the fundamentals of making a quiet book.

Let us start with the very basics. You now have your patterns and made your pages. Now what? Let us put them togeher 🙂

Here is a brief video of the process, detailed step by step instructions follow below/

First things first – we will couple facing pages to make “a spread”Bind1

  1. You will need a spare piece of felt – height equals the height of the quiet book pages and the width should allow at least an inch for each page (in my case I used an 8″/20 cm by 2″/5 cm piece). Place it between two facing pages.
  2. Mark the central line (I used two pins).
  3. Apply glue to the right half of the spare piece.
  4. Glue right hand page on top of the spare piece.
  5. Place left hand page face down on right-hand page. Align the edges. Apply glue to the left half of the spare piece, fold it over the left hand page and press.
  6. Unfold to reveal your spread.

Now bind consecutive inner pages together


  1. Place inner pages in consecutive order.
  2. Starting from page 2, glue every odd page to an even page (back to back). That means glue the back of page 2 to the back of page 3, page 4 to page 5 and so on. Do not glue anything to the the last even page.

Next, prepare the closing

Bind2You will see two methods of closing. One is to add a button to front cover and a piece of elastic to the back cover. Alternatively glue a piece of ribbon to the back of each cover page.

Glue covers to the assembled inner pages


  1. Take assembled inner pages, two covers and a piece of felt for the spine. The spare piece should be as high as your quiet book pages. The width of the piece should cover the entire inner page assembly and allow at least 1″ for each cover. In this case I used a piece that is 8″/20 cm high and just over 3″/8 cm wide (one inch for each cover + 1 inch for the back of the book.
  2. Glue the back of the front cover to the back of page 2.
  3. Glue back cover to the back of the last inner page.
  4. Glue 1″ of the spine piece to the back cover.
  5. Flip the book and glue 1″ of the spine piece to the front cover.
  6. Trim excess if necessary.

There you have it – simple, easy and fun.


This post features the All about travel quiet book. Individual patterns and detailed tutorials are available for sale in my Etsy shop (commercial licence included). I am offering the car page pattern for free personal use to subscribers.

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