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All About Travel Quiet Book – Hot Air Balloon Page

Up, up and away we go.

We have been travelling via airplane, car, train, and bus. And the last leg of our journey will be covered by means of a hot air balloon.

Again, this is a good example of a cover page, it is a fun activity with no tiny details that can be lost.

The balloon is stuffed with silicone fluff to add volume as well as some sensory experience (let us learn what soft means).


The basket is attached with rope and teaches how to tie our shoes.


And finally, the hidden pilot, adds another fun element and develops further fine motor skills. Getting him in and out of the basket is no easy job for those tiny fingers.

So there you have it, the final page of our travel quiet book.


You can purchase the hot air balloon page pattern, or get the entire bundle of All About Transportation Quiet Book patters and tutorials with 30% off the price. And don’t forget to subscribe for free patterns and discount coupons.

Next, up I will show you up close how to assemble our quiet book, armed only with a hot glue gun ;).


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