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All About Travel Quiet Book – The Numbers Train Pages

Choo-choo. Now arriving a train with ten carts. Dear train master, can you label the carts with numbers in order? The train quiet book page will teach you just how to sequence numbers from one to ten.

The retro steam engine tows the train carts.


The train carts are pockets holding the numbers.


If you are making the page for younger kids, use a piece of ribbon to hold the numbers to the correct card. True, it is less of a challenge, but if you are making the activity book pages for the smallest ones, less room for maneuver will embed passive knowledge on the correct order of the numbers and also on the correct way to read western writing (left to right, top to bottom).


In another variation of the page, I made all the carts in a dull brown color to really make the numbers pop and keep child’s focus.


For bigger toddlers, you may keep numbers loose and allow the child to sequence them correctly.

For  extra fun you may consider detachable cart wheels (just sew a button to page and make a slit across the wheel). Or even add a rotating wheel (tutorial will be coming soon). 
The train quiet page pattern is available for purchase (commercial licence included). For free patterns and printables, coupons and news, subscribe to my mailing list.


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