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All About Travel Quiet Book – Car and Traffic Light Pages (+ free pattern)

Stop, get ready, go. Does that ring a bell? Yes, a traffic light is next up in our quiet book dedicated to different modes of transportation.

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Like it or not, kids spend quiet a lot of time on the road. In a car, a bus, riding a bycicle, sooner or later they will arrive at an intersection. Teaching them the traffic rules is among the first key life skills for any young adventurer.

And this simple quiet book page teaches just that – the three colors of the traffic light. Take this opportunity to convey the message. Red means stop, green means go.


Of course, no kid will pay attention while we nag about the importance of traffic rules, so let them up they game and match the color of the traffic light to the respective button. And of course, without knowning children will also work on their fine motor skills in the process.

Our next page is dedicated to the car.

Here again the toddlers work on their ability to button and unbutton the car wheels.


The sun rays are made of ribbons of different textures to allow wider sensory experience.


Oh, did you notice the car windows? They are made of reflecting foil. I used scrapbooking variety type, but kitchen aluminum foil will do the same job.


The two pages are suitabke for younger kids. They contain relatively large details to hold the attention and work on simple abilities such as buttoning. Regardless of the part size, I really insist on adding a “security element”. The ribbon holds moving elements attached to the page. Not that it will prevent kids from stuffing things that in their mouth, but it makes just a bit more challenging.


Excited to put those wheels on the car and drive away. Get the pattern free (for your personal use only). If you wold like to make and sell these quiet book pages, please purchase the pattern here.


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